WP1: System Solutions for DER Integration and Demand Response through LSVPP
WP Leader: Manchester

Work package objective

To Develop the local functions, and the LSVPP agregation functionality that will open the opportunity for DER, LSVPP and demand side to support system operation

Workpackage Description

At local level there will be a need to understand and design the response of DER and LSVPP (including demand side) under various operating conditions. Development of aggregated response models for system operation purposes will be a core part of this work. In addition the local interfaces will need to be considered with respect to data models and functionality for monitoring and control, communication standards and protocols, data security, functionality related to energy trading etc. This work will use decentralised energy management systems (DEMS) that are currently being employed in the optimisation of portfolios of DER resources including demand side in energy trading applications. DEMS functionality will be enhanced to provide the interface between LSVPP and existing EMS and DMS. In effect DEMS will evolve into FENIX agents that can be plugged and played into existing transmission and distribution operation and management systems, and to the local FENIX boxes at each individual DER and demand side management device.