Work Packages
The FENIX Project is organised into 6 Work Packages

Organisation of the 6 Work Packages in the FENIX Project.

WP1: System Solutions for DER Integration and Demand Response through LSVPP
In WP1 the local functions and control capabilities of DER will be defined and characterised in order to design and prototype a local intelligent FENIX unit (FENIX box), and also a FENIX LSVPP controller based on DEMS technology.

WP2: Electrical and information system architecture adapted to the presence of LSVPP
In WP2 the TSO and DSO control and information interfaces and their associated protocols will be designed, and later on prototypes of the new EMS and DMS applications incorporating the concept of LSVPP will be developed.

WP3: Commercial framework for operation and control of power systems with LSVPPs
In WP3 the commercial framework for fully decentralised network architecture will be designed, considering business models based on the FENIX LSVPP architecture and the assessment of the economic impact of this architecture.

WP4: Demonstration of LSVPP concept feasibility
In WP4 the LSVPP FENIX architecture will be tested through simulations and field trials. The hardware and software prototyped in WP1 and WP2 will be implemented in real facilities and real networks in the UK and Spain, to test its behaviour in two different potential markets: the first one characterised by a large integration of small CHP domestic units, and the second one dominated by a combination of medium-size industrial CHP and large Wind Farms.

WP5: Stakeholders Advisory Group, Dissemination and Training
In WP5 the future wide impact will be managed and the project will be exploited through the creation on one hand of a effective Stakeholder Advisory Group, and on the other hand through the organisation of different Workshops, Conference and training sessions.

WP6: Project Management
In WP6 the coordination and strategic management of the project takes place.