The Southern Scenario
Architecture for a massive penetration of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) is an outcome of the project. It includes the figure of a new actor called “Aggregator“, who establishes commercial relationship with DERs and helps them to maximize their contributions to the network. Competition is granted as many Aggregators can provide services in one zone.

This FENIX architecture has been adapted and deployed in Spain, including different developments and hardware pieces:

  • A parallel control system (FENIX control system) to the one run by the utility has been installed not to interfere with the real operation, but updated in real time with all the SCADA values of the chosen region Alava.
  • A Distributed Energy Management System (DEMS) acting as Virtual Power Plant (VPP), has been adapted to the scenario needs in order to do the aggregation/desegregation functions.
  •  A device called FENIX BOX (FB) is used to communicate DER with the VPP, which is piece of hardware capable of exchanging information and interoperating with the controls of the generation unit. The link used for the demo will be GPRS and IEC-104 protocol.

Demo Architecture

The architecture requires a web connection with the DER to exchange bids and schedules, but also a real time connection to visualize their output and send setpoints.

For the Southern Demonstration GPRS has been selected for this real time link as it can provide very simple massive access to DER. Locally a device call FENIX-box provides the real time link between DER and aggregator.

What will be demonstrated?
To prove FENIX concepts, different use cases where defined, and some of them will be demonstrated in a real world region of Spain:

1) Participation of DER in the Day Ahead Energy Market

2) Providing Tertiary Reserve

3) Voltage Control

4) Network Contingencies

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