The Northern Scenario
The Northern Scenario demonstration is being carried out by a number of FENIX project partners (Areva T&D, ZIV, EDF Energy Networks, National Grid and Imperial College London) working together with Woking Borough Council and EDF Energy, to accommodate the Virtual Power Plant vision in a number of test sites. The business case under development in the demonstration will identify value for several key market participants outlined below:

National Grid: The TSO in the UK. They have the responsibility to ensure system security.  They also procure ancillary services to balance supply and demand.

EDF Energy: A supply business with access to the energy market.  EDF Energy will operate a portfolio of generation and attempt to minimize its exposure to imbalance. The supply business will fulfill the role of Commercial Virtual Power Plant (CVPP).

Demo Architecture
Figure: The Generic FENIX Architecture

One challenge for the Northern scenario is to demonstrate a FENIX future in today’s network environment.  The first requirement was to identify a cluster of small scale generators linked to a common low voltage network.  In today’s low voltage distribution networks very few clusters of generation can be found.  One exists in the privately owned network of Woking Borough Council (WBC).  WBC owns a portfolio generation that has allowed it to meet the energy requirements of its civic centre, conference centre and other municipal facilities at the Pool in the Park. The portfolio includes small and medium sized CHP, a fuel cell and PV.

FENIX will allow WBC near real-time visibility of their generation as well as their demand.  WBC also owns a number of loads that can be switched for short periods of time with very little impact on users of their facilities.

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