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Document description: WP3_2_5_RegulatoryFramework_FullReport
Creation Date: 6.7.2009
Document Type: deliverable
Belongs to: Project Fenix
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Document Status: approved
Approver: Patrick Lichtner
Approvedate: 8.7.2009
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Abstract: Fenix Work Package 3.2.5 - Final Report Full Version Main authors: ELIS Dafydd, HUTTON Andy, SOOR, Simardeep WARHAM, Tim (Pöyry Energy Consulting) Further Authors: IBERDROLA: MARTI Juan, CORERA José Manuel GAMESA: NEIRA Oscar RED ELECTRICA: ALVIRA David ZIV: YARZA José Miguel LABEIN: MADINA Carlos ECN: van der WELLE Adriaan, JANSEN Jaap PÖYRY: MATERAZZI-WAGNER Christine, POSPISCHIL Wolfgang, OLSACHER Nicole, WOODHOUSE Stephen, BRADBURY Simon Abstract: This document describes the aspects of the regulatory framework that are considered critical to the development of flexible networks with significant contribution from Distributed Energy Resources. Barriers that presently undermine the development of the virtual power plant concept are identified and analysed. Incentives that would be necessary to encourage development are described and regulatory constructs that are considered necessary for such outcomes are presented. Due consideration is given to realising the full value attributable to Distributed Energy Resource and allocating it optimally. The entire analysis is undertaken with particular reference to the context of GB and Spain, but is informed by experience of other European countries.

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Name: Elis Dafydd
Further Authors: HUTTON Andy, SOOR, Simardeep WARHAM, Tim

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