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Document description: D3_1_NorthernSouthernScenarios for Electricity markets with ancillary services by DER long-term
Creation Date: 6.7.2009
Document Type: deliverable
Belongs to: Project Fenix
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Document Status: approved
Approver: Patrick Lichtner
Approvedate: 8.7.2009
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Abstract: Fenix Deliverable D3.1 - Final Report "Description of scenarios that characterise the electricity markets with ancillary services by DER in the long term" *** Northern & Southern Scenarios *** Reduced version including: - Executive summary - Content table Main authors: Charlotte Ramsay (Imperial College / Northern Scenario) Jose Oyarzabal (Labein-Tecnalia / Southern Scenario) Further Authors for - Northern Scenario: Goran Strbac (Imperial College) Peter Lang (EDF Energy Networks) Marko Aunedi (Imperial College) Dejan Melovic (Imperial College) - Southern Scenario: Juan Martí (Iberdrola Distribución) Ana Gonzalez Bordagarai (Iberdrola Distribución) Belén Díaz Guerra (REE) David Alvira (REE) Carlos Madina (Labein-Tecnalia)

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Name: Ramsay Charlotte
Further Authors: Jose Oyarzabal

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