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Document description: WP3_2_6_Contractual Framework_FullReport
Creation Date: 6.7.2009
Document Type: deliverable
Belongs to: Project Fenix
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Approver: Patrick Lichtner
Approvedate: 8.7.2009
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Abstract: Fenix Work Package 3.2.6 - Report Full Version Main authors: ELIS Dafydd, SOOR Simardeep, WARHAM Tim (Pöyry Energy Consulting) Abstract: Following on from the development of the FENIX regulatory framework, this document describes contract models that will need to be developed between the various parties. It is of little benefit if the regulatory structure is set but the companies are unable to realise the value of DER, or protect themselves commercially if DER is absent. The purpose of this phase of the work is to develop contract models to regulate the inter-relationships between TSO, DSO, VPP and DER operators.

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Name: Elis Dafydd
Further Authors: SOOR Simardeep, WARHAM Tim

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