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Document description: The virtual power plant concept from an economic perspective
Creation Date: 20.7.2009
Document Type: deliverable
Belongs to: Project Fenix
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Approver: Patrick Lichtner
Approvedate: 20.7.2009
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Abstract: Fenix Deliverable D3.2.4 - Final Report Full Version "The virtual power plant concept from an economic perspective: updated final report" Main authors: Jaap C. JANSEN, Adriaan van der WELLE, Frans Nieuwenhout (ECN) Abstract: This report - issued in the framework of the EU-sponsored FENIX project - sets out to define the roles, functions, relationships and responsibilities of FENIX VPP concepts in overall system operation from an economic perspective. It is a precursor to the cost-benefit analyses of FENIX VPP concepts that will be undertaken as a separate activity. A VPP has the capability to flexibly aggregate attributes from a multitude of distributed energy resources (DER) by use of FENIX remote control intelligence. DER comprises renewable power plants, CHP plants, flexible loads and electricity storage devices, con-nected to distribution networks. DER attributes may encompass commercial inputs, products and/or services or relevant information for network management. DER inputs, products and services may relate to wholesale markets for energy commodities, ancillary network services and, when applicable, valuable market stimulation benefits and electricity generation attributes. The control centre functional-ities are defined of an entity aggregating DER-associated products and services for creation of addi-tional commercial value, using intelligence for remote control of flexible DER. The report presents a methodology to assess the economic viability of the FENIX VPPs. Based on a baseline and FENIX scenario regarding the future European power industry, business models are developed explaining for each of selected key actors that are to realize FENIX concepts, the business relationships with other economic actors.


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Name: Jansen Jaap
Further Authors: Adriaan van der WELLE, Frans Nieuwenhout

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