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Document description: Presentations of the FENIX National Seminar in Kassel
Creation Date: 27.10.2009
Document Type: publication
Belongs to: Project Fenix
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Approver: Patrick Lichtner
Approvedate: 18.11.2009
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Abstract: FENIX National Seminar in Kassel, Germany 25th September 2009 Zip-File, 5.5 MB Contents: -------------- 1 - Introduction & Conclusions / Martin Braun, IWES 2 - Concept of VPP and general architecure / Christophe Kieny, IDEA 3 - Southern Demonstration Site / JuanMarti, Iberdrola 4 - Cost-Benefit analysis general approach / Christos Kolokathis, ECN 5 - Cost-Benefit analysis southern VPP / Carlos Madina, Labein 6 - Laboratory Demonstrations / Rodrigo Estrella, IWES 7 - Virtual FENIX chain Simulation tool / Mihai Sanduleac, ECRO 8 - Regulatory Findings / Dafydd Elis, Poyry

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Name: Lichtner Patrick
Further Authors: FENIX project partners

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