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Document description: D1_4_1_Characterisation of LSVPPs _Contents_Summary
Creation Date: 6.7.2009
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Abstract: Fenix Deliverable D1.4.1 - Report Reduced version including: - Content table - Executive summary Main authors: Charlotte Ramsay & Marko Aunedi (Imperial College) Further Authors: Matthias Muscholl (AREVA T&D) Mihai Sanduleac (ECRO) Christophe Kieny & Tuan Tran-Quoc (IDEA) Danny Pudjianto & Goran Strbac (IMPERIAL) Kaspar Knorr (ISET) Anton Heher (SIEMENS) Koen Kok (VUA) Abstract for the full report: This report presents the concept and the overarching structure of the Virtual Power Plant (VPP), the primary vehicle for delivery of the FENIX project aims. The Fenix value chain concept is developed in order to identify how the VPP can bring value to both DERs and the network operators which support DER network connectivity. The report describes the technical and commercial functionality facilitated through the VPP and proposes an architecture for integration of these concepts into the activities of current market participants and new market entrants. Different steady-state characterisation methods are discussed for both CVPP and TVPP. Further aggregation methodologies are proposed through dynamic characterisation of VPPs and network-based feasible solutions in micro-economic control. Methods for distributed control of VPP portfolios using location pricing techniques are discussed and developed. The report concludes with the review of existing DER aggregation and control tools and energy market interfaces that can be used in implementing the VPP concepts. Finally, the Glossary of key Fenix terms is attached to the end of the document.

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Name: Ramsay Charlotte
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