Main benefits

Main benefits - Distributed Energy Resource owners

  • Capture the value of flexibility
  • Increasing value of assets through the markets
  • Reduce financial risk through aggregation
  • Improve the ability to negotiate commercial conditions
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Main benefits - System Operators (Distribution SO, Transmission SO)

  • Increase the observability of DER for operation through aggregation
  • Take advantage of flexibility of DER for network management
  • Improve optimization of the grid investments
  • Improve the coordination between DSO and TSO
  • Mitigate the complexity of operation caused by the growth in inflexible generation
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Main benefits -  
Policy Maker

  • Cost effective large scale integration of  renewable energies while maintaining system security
  • Open the energy markets to small scale participants
  • Increasing the global efficiency of the electrical power system by capturing flexibility of DER
  • Facilitate the renewable targets and reduce CO2 emissions
  • Improve consumer choice
  • Employment
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Main benefits - Supplier and Aggregator

  • New offers for consumers and DER
  • Mitigating commercial risk
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